The 05 best Japanese Comedy Movies Of All Time

 1- Love Exposure

What's the reason: Love Exposure is a completely unique and awe-inspiring combination of a wide range of influences. It is something you must offer that is full of twists and turns. this mysterious experience. It's hard to believe the speed of time in this top Japanese romantic comedy film. The characters' production is fascinating and showcases how the actors have done in the film in order to portray their characters. The wonderful movie I like this comedy hero If you want to create this type of comedy name then try this superhero name generator.

The plot: An iconic tale of Love family, faith, and sex are revealed in 'Love Disclosure' and that's the reason it's placed at no.1 on the Japanese comedy films list. In one of the most unusual circumstances, Yu Tsunoda and Yoko meet. He decides to go into the city pretending to be a woman and kisses the first lady he encounters following Yu losing a wager to his pals.

A teenager, named Yoko and is being surrounded by a mob of thugs, comes across Yu and his gang when they move into town. Additionally, Yu, still dressed as an adult, helps Yoko to fight off the gang of thugs. In the end, Yu kisses Yoko afterward and then flees. Yu is in love with a boy for the first time, but Yoko is enticed by the drag queen called Miss Scorpion.

2- Too Young To Die! - 2016

What a great film! I was shocked by how much I enjoyed it! It's funny, interesting, and an absolute blast. It's hilarious, strange, and incredibly touching. Without even a single person running over the other everyone gets to take part. There is no time wasted while watching this one of the best Japanese romantic comedy films. One of the most terrifying and most fascinating films I've ever watched. Equally entertaining and a bit crazy. Highly recommended! I like this town's name. If you guys want to make your wonderful town name then try this town name generator. It is good to use and make cool unique town names.

Story: Official trailer for the film TOO YOUNG TO DIE! The supernatural comedy is now accessible online. It is about a school kid who gets caught in a car accident during the school trip only to be ganged up by a satanic rock band and sent to Hell. The trailer details Daisuke's dilemma as he tries to confess his love for his beautiful girlfriend Hiromi who is dying and being thrown into Hell. Daisuke encounters the stunning Killer who is the lead guitarist and vocalist of the fiery rock group called Hells and they embark on a rocking Afterlife tour that will deliver Daisuke returning to his home in the Land of the Living and the woman he loves.

3- Heroine Disqualified

The reason: This film made me feel hurt. At first, I was awed by the intensity of this greatest Japanese comedy film. It wasn't because it was a tragic movie, but because I hated the conclusion. The other guy deserves the best. !!!! I'm not letting this happen. The man should have this child. Apart from that, I was a fan of the show. Additionally, I've been diagnosed with extremely bad and debilitating second Male Lead Syndrome. But, I was in a state of shock as if it was really hurting me. Additionally, I was forced to take down an unlit window table. In the same way, I envisioned my home catching up with the blaze. I

Storyline: Hatori Matsuzaki is an enthusiastic high school student who was utterly ruined for a long time by her former neighbor and a remote Rita Terasaka. At first, she's content to be just Rita's friend and believes that there is no one better qualified than her to play Rita's "heroine". However, when Rita begins to pursue an intimate relationship with the stunning uneasy Miho Adachi, her convictions are broken. Hatori attempts to stop the growing romance between them several times and then finally confesses her love to Rita and is turned down.

4-Funky Forest The First Contact 2006

The reason: It's essentially a collection of groovy brief Japanese romantic comedy films made by three different directors arranged to form a sort of surrealist SHORTCUTS, featuring certain characters. The results are exactly what you would expect: an extremely mixed bag of segments that keep going on and on with a few pleasant moments. The songs and the animation, specifically.

The plot: Masaichi, Masaru, and Masao Three siblings who are not well-known trying to make themselves well-known among kids. The good news is that thanks to gorgeous young women they get an opportunity to go to an all-female picnic. The fun Forest Prime Touch: Prime Touch will investigate your brain and smother your rationality by offering 21 associative free-associative episodes that range from a silly "sci-fi" comic to a daydream about dance battles when its characters discover their way beyond the realm of our imaginations in bizarre dimensions.

5- Waterboys 2001

Why: I loved it!! It's a hilarious Japanese film. I was forced to catch my breath after laughing too hard at times. Also, I was a fan after watching his orange days as well. Hiroshi Tamaki was great in the diorama. I usually don't like his style but he was funny in this film. The swimming suits were so bizarre to me and they appeared not as thin as they appear which is why I laughed over them.) It was one of the most entertaining Japanese comedy films I've ever seen.

The plot: Suzuki is a school student who is determined to be an excellent swimmer, however, Suzuki is the only swimmer on the school's swim team. In the near future, at senior high school, the beautiful new swimming coach will begin training. Many boys attempt to join the team however, Suzuki as well as four other boys quit when they find out she is a teacher of the sport of synchronized swimming (which is typically a female-only sport).

The teacher will be taking maternity leave in the near future and the team is off for a while. He decides to ask the dolphin instructor to do their job as their instructor as Suzuki is at an exhibit of dolphins.

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